Australia⎜Get your bag ready for a one-year trip

 Travel in a van in Australia

Are you going to Australia soon ? This article is for you !

The very last step after setting up everything to leave your country for a full year of fun in Australia, is obviously your luggages.
We tell you here what kind of bag is better to take and especially what to put and not to put in it. A golden rule : do not burdened ! And yes, we use to take too many things to go 1- to the other side of the world, 2- for a whole year !
Do not panic if you don’t have all things we advise, these are only tips taken from our experience 😊


1 - Backpack or suitcase?

This is the first thing you have to wonder : what will I use to carry my stuff ?

In fact, there is no typical answer because it all depends on what you plan to do once in Australia. If you intend to settle down for a year in the same place, in your apartment in the heart of a city, a suitcase can quite do the trick. It's strong and it can hold a lot of business.

If you want to gad and go on a road trip at some point during the year, the backpack will be your best travel mate 😊.

We didn’t hesitate too long before we decided and opted for a Forclaz backpack from Quechua. Claire opted for the Forclaz 50L big enough to contain all her stuff and Arthur who had to carry shoes (and more) preferred the Forclaz 70L. These models are ultra reliable and resistant. We still use them, almost three years later. They are just a bit dirty but not damaged at all. We also carry two small backpacks, in which we could put our important papers (visa, passport, international driving license, etc...), a spare jumper, a carry-on luggage in the plane. We have everything to travel lightly and serenely.

 Departure for Australia with our Forclaz Quechua backpack

2 - What’s in our backpacks ?


As we told you earlier, the main thing when you go on a trip for a year, you have to take just what’s necessary for you. Travel light is the key word !

But we know it, and especially if this is your first long trip, you will do as we did... You'll want to take your whole wardrobe ! Haha ! Sure, we totally agree, it is very difficult to make a choice. For this we have an foolproof trick :

  • make a pile with your travel essentials (underwear, favorite jeans, pyjama, bikini, Australian books, etc ...)
  • make a pile with clothes you are sure you don’t need in Australia (your winter jacket, the multicolored poncho, your stilettos, etc...)
  • make a pile with the "I do not know too much if I take that" (it’s up to you to see what this pile contains !)

Once these three piles are properly spread on your bed, try to put the pile of essentials in your bag. Then see the room you have left.

To help you a little bit, this is what we considered our essentials :

  • 2 swimwear
  • 1 warm jumper
  • 3 pants including 2 jeans
  • 1 short / 1 dress
  • 1 shirt
  • 6 tops / T shirts
  • 2 jackets
  • 1 cap
  • underwear + socks for 7 days
  • a microfiber towel

Think also of the total weight of luggage that your airline company accepts. This can sometimes make it easier and reduce your number 1 pile by half 😉


It was a problem for us at first because we wanted to take five pair of shoes each (especially Claire)... and it almost filled our two small backpacks. The best is to leave with shoes for all situations :

  • a pair of sneakers you'll put on your feet while in the plane
  • a pair of flip-flops to go to the beach and stroll on hot days
  • a more dressed pair of shoes if you want to go out or just make you look gorgeous

To be honest, Claire had to buy a pair of ballerinas in Australia to work as a waitress and Arthur bought sneakers because his ones were too damaged with hikes.


  • toothbrush / toothpaste
  • cleansing wipes
  • cotton swabs
  • day cream
  • shower gel
  • shampoo / conditioner
  • deodorant
  • hair brush
  • a nail cut
  • tweezers
  • perfume

According to everyone, you can add your facial or body care, your micellar water and make-up set. We really tell you what needs to be taken.

And since Australia is a developed country, you'll find it all there 😀


We took the minimum because, like for everything else, you will find everything in Australia in pharmacies and even in supermarkets. That's what we took :

  • Nurofen
  • Voltarene in tube
  • Arnica capsule
  • Biseptine + compresses
  • Sun screen
  • Contraceptive pills

3 - Our photo/video gear

 Our photo and video gear

If, like us, you travel with a little bit (a lot) of equipment or want to take beautiful photos in Australia to immortalize every moments, we have some tips.

We recently purchased a backpack that can hold all our photo and video equipment. Super useful, you can modulate the compartments inside to fit your gear perfectly.

In this bag we have :

And you, what do you take for a year of travel in Australia ?
Are you leaving soon ? Tell us how you feel in the comments below !

Cheers, Claire & Arthur