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When we are travelling, you know, we always take too many things (clothes, accessories, books, etc ...) for fear of missing. With time and after many trips and road trips, we realized it was obviously not necessary to take all of this and it was better to travel light !

Well, regarding photo and video equipment, it is exactly the same. It is necessary to choose your equipment so as not to encumber yourself and travel as light as possible. For us, the goal was to get everything in a backpack (suitable for photo equipment).

Today we open this backpack to make you discover what's inside :)

 Backpack Lowepro Tahoe BP 150 Les Droners
 Backpack Lowepro Tahoe BP 150 Les Droners

1- The backpack

With all this equipment, a bag is essential to carry everything. For hiking or in a plane, we opted for the Lowepro Tahoe BP 150, ultra convenient and very comfortable. The inside of the bag is customizable with detachable and removable padded compartments. We store our Nikon camera, our Mavic Pro drone with its remote control and two batteries, our GoPro and its stick, our hard drive, our various memory cards and especially the MacBook in the front pocket (a real advantage). In addition, we easily store two bottles of water (one on each side), enough to snack, and even have an empty compartment for a future telephoto lens. We love it :)

 Drone DJI Mavic Pro Les Droners

2 - The Drone Mavic Pro

You probably know, we started flying with a Drone Inspire 2 on our New Zealand trip. After several months, we realized that this drone was still quite bulky and therefore bought the DJI Mavic Pro for less constraints in our movements. And we are not disappointed ! Small and powerful, this drone adapts itself to any playing field, without danger. It is easy to use and brings a quality picture in 4K. The Mavic Pro is even foldable, which allows us to take it everywhere ! Ideal to start and travel :)

We do not regret this purchase at all ! Claire can even use it without fear :)

To store our images and videos, we use a 64 GB MicroSD memory card for this drone.

 Batterie Drone DJI Mavic Pro Les Droners

3 - The batteries of the drone

The Mavic Pro flight for about 25 minutes with one battery. For comfort and freedom, we bought a second battery, which allows us to fly for almost 45 minutes.

I think at least one spare battery is needed for the Mavic Pro. This allows you to take your time during the flight, not be stressed by the end of flight, and thus make better shots :)

 Nikon D3300 Les Droners

4 - The camera

We recently bought the Nikon D3300 to familiarize ourselves with photography. Compact and lightweight, this DSLR comes with a 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor that captures the finest details with exceptional sharpness. This camera is also performing thanks to its ultra-precise AutoFocus 11-points system and surprised us on the quality of videos recorded in Full HD 1080p. Convenient to carry and easy to handle, we are quite satisfied. We use a 32GB SD memory card for this camera.

 GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition Les Droners

5 - The GoPro

Our best friend since our first trip in Australia, the GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition is perfect for all outdoor and sport activities. Waterproof with a case, we use it especially for our mountain stays or sea outings. We fix it on our helmet (for skiing) or to a stick (for diving) and that's it ! Perfect for embedded camera images ! Its video quality is incredibly high resolution and its processor is ultra powerful. This allows us to get stunning immersive videos and exceptional slowdowns. We also use a 64 GB MicroSD memory card for this GoPro (as for the Mavic Pro drone) and a second rechargeable battery.

The GoPro is a must to have on a trip. Ultra compact, it can be stowed anywhere, but we have created a small, cozy compartment in our Lowepro backpack :)

 iPhone 6s Les Droners

6 - The iPhone 6s

Of course, we also use our iPhone 6s to take pictures and videos. The quality is just crazy and it is a very reliable product. We have had it since January 2016 and no problems have arisen. And good to say, the iPhone is super convenient for its size and weight. We often have it in the hand :) Claire uses it daily to take pictures and videos and post stories on our social networks.

We think maybe switch to the iPhone 7 ... What do you think ? Some already tested ? We are waiting for your advice :)

 Macbook Pro 13" Retina Les Droners

7 - The MacBook Pro

Our MacBook Pro 13'' Retina has been following us since 2015. We bought it in Australia with a French keyboard (this is not done in all countries ! For example, there is no French keyboard on a Macbook purchased in New Zealand ... do not ask us why ! ). The 13'' is perfect weight and height to travel. It goes into the front pocket of our Lowepro backpack !

We took it to Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand. Resistant, reliable and fast, we work daily photo/video editing, blog design etc ...

 Disque Dur Externe Seagate Les Droners

8 - The Seagate External Hard Drive

Essential when traveling and producing a lot of content, the Seagate external hard drive is perfect for us. Slim and ultra light (160 grams), its capacity of 1 TB allows us to store all our photos and videos since 2015. It is resistant and reliable, you should get one of those definitely ;).


Our drone dedicated to professional services

 Drone DJI Inspire 2 Les Droners

The drone Inspire 2

This big drone of the brand DJI is a jewel of technology. We bought it last April during our trip in New Zealand and were not disappointed. The DJI Inspire 2 features incredible piloting quality, agility and breathtaking speed. This professional drone, with a flight time of about 25-27 minutes, allows us to really have fun in the great outdoors and create images worthy of the cinema. We use a 64 GB MicroSD memory card for this drone.

Please note that this drone is quite heavy and cumbersome. We advice you to do not get this one for travel.


 Battery Drone DJI Inspire 2 Les Droners

The Inspire 2 flights with two batteries. For more comfort and freedom, we purchased two additional batteries. We strongly advise you to buy an additional pair of batteries because the Inspire 2 is heavy and consumes a lot of energy. With 4 batteries you will be quieter and will enjoy a flight time of about 45 minutes.

 Camera Zenmuse X4S Drone DJI Inspire 2 Les Droners

The Inspire 2 is sold separately from its camera. Generally used by professionals, you can adapt to the drone the camera you prefer. We opted for the Zenmuse X4S DJI camera with a high-resolution lens that offers a 84° field of view, increased color sensitivity and an ultra-responsive pod for full stabilization in mid-flight.


Here you are little birds, you now know what we have in our backpack :) Give us a feedback !

And you, what do you pack up ? Tell us what is your travelling photo and video gear by leaving a comment below ;) 


Claire & Arthur

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