Piloting a drone⎜A kid's dream

 Pilote a drone

Who has never dreamed about flying like a bird? To see everything up there or super far there? And since drones have arrived in our lives, all of this is possible. Piloting a drone gives us the opportunity to reach points of view inaccessible just a few years ago.

And that's just amazing. Claire and I have literally fallen in love with the drone.

An attraction for scale models since my childhood

I have always been attracted to scale model cars. As a child, I spent Sunday afternoons with my father and my two brothers doing remote-controlled cars. We used to organise circuits with building blocks and created food stands (especially to change the batteries ^^ we loved it, don't ask me why!). These are great memories.

And then, one day, my father took me to Paris (when I was 12 I guess), to visit the scale models show. Cars, planes, helicopters, trains, houses ... there were all kinds of cooler things than the others. Of course, we brought back a small plane made of balsa wood to build oneself but it was a total failure during the flight. 3 hours of construction for a crash after 2 seconds 😅

How did I manage to fly my own drone?

When we started traveling in Australia with Claire, three years ago, photography and video took a very important place. Of course, like all travelers / expatriates, we wanted to immortalize everything for our family and our friends to follow us on the other side of the world. Then we went to New Zealand where we worked 7 months. And when the time came to travel to the South Island and the North Island, two spectacularly scenic islands, we decided to create a travel blog to really get into blogging. Honestly, we thought about it for a long time.

Then, just to stand out from other bloggers (after hours of reflection and liters of coffee ingested), we jumped into it and bought our first drone to take crazy shots.

So that's how I started flying a drone!

A kid's dream that came true

When we talk about piloting a drone, we don't imagine all the things to know to become an informed and confirmed pilot. Besides, I think I still have a lot to learn about this new technology.

I spent hours and hours searching online, watching tutorials on YouTube, reading articles, downloading dozens of guides to train me and making sure my first flight was perfect and without any hitch.

On the other hand, I didn't think about trying to pilot a drone before buying one. And that's really a tip I can give you:

  • ask an expert (such as a model aircraft club)
  • do an introductory training to try
  • and then buy your drone
This can save you a lot of disappointments

Come after all this the moment to fly for the first time. And here is an ultra scary moment. Seriously, I don't want to lie to you but you will stress. In any case that's what many people and I all felt during the first take-off.

You know this feeling before an exam or a first date? That's the same! You want it so perfect that you create a crazy pressure on you. And honestly it's normal.

D-Day, arrived at the right place, I left the drone out his box, with shaking hands. After each propeller put in place, my heart beat a little stronger. I had such a pressure on myself that it became ridiculous. Luckily, Claire was there to make me smile and relax.

I had watched online tutorials, I knew perfectly the user manual, the drone was updated and ready to takeoff.

3.2.1 ... start engines, push the gas and that's it, the drone is in the air! And that moment is just crazy. After a few small tests of the functions, I tried to make super simple tracking shots : forward, back, up, down but always straight!

 Pilote a drone
 Pilote a drone
 Pilote a drone

My heartbeat began to slow quietly, I was confident in my maneuvers so I decided to send the drone to the maximum height allowed in New Zealand, so 120 meters. It was wonderful !!! To see the whole city of Auckland, the islands of the Gulf of Hauraki, and us tiny all the way down. And seagulls ... 😳

I swear, seagulls have come at full speed from somewhere I don't know and have started to turn around the drone. We could hear them screaming loudly, they didn't stop and were more and more. Panicked, I quickly put down the drone on the ground. All was ok. Later, I learned that many people had bad experiences like us with birds. Obviously, they protect their territory and consider us invading enemies. And then, let's say it, they were there before us.

Back home, I quickly inserted the micro SD card into the computer to admire the beautiful shots I had just taken. It was amazing, absolutely stunning!

After many hours of flying with this goal to achieve perfect plans, but also some failures, I am super satisfied with the progress made. I know how to fly a drone, take great photos / videos and especially have fun with my drone without stress. And that's what I want to share! My experience, my skills, so that you avoid making the same mistakes that I made at the beginning (like buying the wrong drone when you start or crash your drone).

Today I can see and fly like a bird. A kid's dream came true. I hope many of you will make it your turn 

And you guys, what's your feeling when you fly your drone ? Leave me a comment!

And don't forget to share, that might suit your friends!

Cheers. Arthur


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