Road trip in Scotland⎜5 days to enjoy the most ! [1/2]

 road trip in Scotland 


It's been a week since we came back from Scotland. A 5-days road trip we indeed enjoyed a lot. Many of you followed us on Instagram and asked us about the organization of this trip so I wrote a little article to get you prepared 😊

What to prepare before to go to Scotland ?

Here are my best tips :


Before leaving

A road trip in Scotland, even for five days, needs to be prepared. Accustomed long flights and trips to the other side of the world, we've been almost surprised when we packed our bags the day before departure... Fleece sweaters, gloves, beanies, we took warm clothes because the weather forecasted rain, wind and especially temperatures below 10 degrees for the week. It may not have been the best time to visit Scotland, but we did not regret at all regarding those beautiful autumn-colored landscapes.

Parenthesis closed on our last minute packing, here are the various steps that we had to carry out in advance to be sure everything was going well.

Flight tickets

As usual, we love to search and find the best plans online. We were telling to you recently on our Destinations page about Leo's site. His concept is to find (thanks to algorithms and hours spent on search engines) good deals to travel around the world.
Once again, we used his services thanks to an email received mid October. Leo offered to leave from Nantes to Edinburgh for only 25 €/person return. We immediately took the opportunity and bought our tickets. Scotland was still unknown for us and we wanted to travel a little bit for not very expensive ! Bingo !

Thanks again Leo, because we can now travel more often 😊

We highly recommend to go checking out this website Les Voyages Pas Chers de Leo and why not subscribe to the Premium offers for only 3.50€ / month ! 

And we would be super happy to know if you travel thanks to Leo. Tell us in a comment at the end of this article 😊
 road trip in scotland cheap flight
 road trip in scotland cheap flight

The car rental

To make the most of your trip to Scotland, it is best to be free and therefore rent your own vehicle. We spent a lot of time looking online for the best car rental, for the cheapest and most reliable one. Not obvious when you read everything and its opposite on forums or blogs articles dated in 2015 or older... The information wasn’t up to date and we never found the same offers. A little destabilizing when you go from one site another and you end up with the same service and the same car for 100€ difference.
Finally, we asked Arthur's dad for advices ! Because he often rents cars in Europe and has never been disappointed by a rental platform more or less known : Rental Cars.
On this platform, we have returned our important criterias : our dates and the unlimited mileage. And there, to our greatest surprise, we found a car at 17€ for the whole week with Easirent company. We called the platform to make sure we did not have any hidden fees behind this incredibly low price, and the online guy was just as surprised as we were and confirmed that this would be the final price of the rent.

And that’s really the price we paid !

Arrived at the airport, we took a free shuttle which took us to Easirent company, 5min from the airport. The staff was super friendly, and explained the conditions very well. We chose the option to return the car with the same level of fuel. This obliges the renter to debit 95€ from your account (as a deposit) and you get it back once your stay is over (count between 5 and 10 days to see the money back on your account). And the deposit for the car was about 1400€, amount that remains frozen on your account.

To visit Scotland, we strongly advise you to go through Rental Cars (very reliable and apparently matching best prices !) and EasyRent company. No surprise and great car !
 road trip in Scotland rent a cheap car 
 road trip in Scotland rent a cheap car


As usual, we used and took advantage of our Genius account to get the quality/price ratio.
Genius is when you become a regular traveler. This offers you small benefits such as a welcome drink in some hotels, allows you to arrive earlier than normal or leave later, discounts, etc...

I am listing hotels and hostels we stayed in over the second article.
 road trip in Scotland book a hotel hostel


5 days in Scotland is pretty short. Too short to visit everything, explore everything, know everything. For the first time in Scottish lands, we did not really know what route to choose. It was during a discussion with a friend that we refined our journey. No matter how much time you spend in Scotland, what you have to think about before building your itinerary is what unmissable things and places do really interest you. Are you rather city, wilderness or highland ? And what is your traveling style ? Are you rather family or couple trips at your own pace or super organized group trips ?

Landscapes and activities are varied in Scotland, so there is something for everyone. There are things to do and see on the east coast with cities of Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen, on the west coast with Glasgow, Fort William and various islands like Isle of Skye.

I dissect our "essential" during this trip which are besides our essential for each road trip :

  • blend in with the culture of the country (it goes through visiting cities and outings in typical places)
  • discover the heritage (visit emblematic places)
  • get lost in the wilderness, discover landscapes and the most beautiful places to fly our drone (we generally look where are the big spaces, the national parks, no fly zones, etc)

It's up to you to build your own itinerary based on what you like to do and what you want to see. Discover ours in the second part of the article 😊. I'm writing the second part it will be ready really really soon !

What about you, how do you prepare an overseas journey ? Leave a comment below.

Cheers, Claire.

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