3 months⎜The blog evolution gives us a smile

 The blog grows les droners drone followers


Wow ! What a feeling !

Here we are, three months already !

We are super happy with our blog evolution and our social networks since the launch last May :). We didn't expect to be followed that much.

New in blogging, it's really hard to elaborate a beautiful site and create a community which follows you everyday. Write for the web to obtain an article satisfying and consistent with our values doesn't get a skill straight up in few days. We worked tirelessly from the beginning to satisfy you, little birds, with good content and a new design. You deserve a perfect blog. Pictures, travels, drone, stories, itineraries, guides and tips, we try to offer you various and interesting content every week. We talked about New Zealand and Spain for now, but other trips and destinations are coming ! Although, tell us which places you would like to discover in comments :)


And its growth is important :

 FROM THE SKY is growing 1000 followers on Facebook

So we want to thank you guys, all this is because of you ! Well, yes, you do the job ! We only produce the content but you like, share and comment. We are a great team aren't we ?

Do not hesitate to tell us what you think about the blog and the evolution it went to, doesn't matter if you're following us from the beginning or if you recently arrived in this adventure !

Here is a short video we created for the occasion


Thank you, thank you again little birds !

It is true that it's difficult to build a quality website and create a community which follows you everyday. But we think we have succeeded and we are proud to count you today among us :)

Keep sharing, commenting and liking as you do, you're are the best !

Cheers, Claire & Arthur