Welcome in the droners family !


Who are we ?

We are Claire & Arthur, 26 years old, french travellers. We met each other in France after our studies in 2014, while Claire was studying Marketing and Arthur was studying Management and Business

This meeting was like a thunderbolt that nobody (not even us!) could have imagined. Claire lived in Paris and had parties three times a week, and Arthur had a quiet and calm life in Nantes. Almost everything opposed us. But that night, our lives changed and took a whole different turn.

After our beautiful school career, we decided not to choose the path traced of a full time job but to leave everything to go on an adventure together.

Voilà c'est nous Claire et Arthur
Première photo en Australie

How crazy !

We were ready to conquer the planet only a few months after meeting each other. To set a high level, we left France to go to the other side of the world, in Australia, for a year.

A first year that allowed us to learn a lot from each other and created this constant need to travel together.

After Australia we travelled a bit in Indonesia, then had 10 months experience in New Zealand, to come back to France in June 2017. 


This need to explore the world and share everything with you ☺

We have a real problem ! We can not stay in the same place for more than two months. We need to move, to explore, to meet new people. All the time.

So we created this blog to share with you our adventures, our good plans and to make you discover beautiful places in the four corners of this planet.

Traveling is now our life.

And this blog will make you travel with us.

Claire et Arthur en Nouvelle Zélande Tongariro
Claire et Arthur et leur drone DJI Mavic Pro

We travel with a drone !

We recently had a crush for drones. Since then, we have bought two, a DJI Mavic Pro drone and a DJI Inspire 2 drone (yes we love this brand!). We succeeded (after some errors of course!) to master these flying machines and really making us happy when we travel. You surely know, aerial photos are really Wow ! We love it !

And as it is in our nature to share everything, we have created a section dedicated to the drone on the blog. Only in french for now (but you can still have a look) because it's a lot of work. We'll create an English version a bit later. 

We hope you'll like it little birds !


“Our goal ? Discover the world with a new eye and make you travel with us 🙂 “