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Our skills



Graduated with a Master Degree in Marketing at the private school Sup de Com - IDRAC (Paris), I worked two years in Event and Project Management for Amundi and Bouygues Immobilier, in France.


Graduated with a Master Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the private school IDRAC (Nantes), I worked two years for Lafarge Ciments where I was in the Marketing team.


We left our country after our studies for one unique year full of experiences and fun in Australia. 

From this time, traveling, exploring and taking photos became our way of life.  

We are complementary in our work. Claire is in charge of writing and creating content (photos, videos, blog posts...) and manage our social media. Arthur becomes a professional photographer and videographer with our drone !

Super connected, we love sharing our everyday on social media with our community who's growing up day after day.

With a full year in Australia, few months in Indonesia and 10 months in New Zealand, our English level is now good enough to work and talk with everyone in the world. 

More and more companies integrate bloggers and influencers into their marketing strategy
 Claire et Arthur - Les Droners

What we can provide you

Our job is primarily blogging. We work daily on the content production (photos, videos, blog posts), digital marketing to share and make known our work and the referencing of our blog (SEO).

E-influencers, storytellers, travel writers... our skills are varied and expand daily thanks to our personal work.

Our communities also grow day after day and we can work together to create your online visibility.

Instagram is our best marketing tool

We are specialized in Instagram strategy.

Self-taught, we have learned to create, animate and engage a community. In less than a year, we have reached more than 35K followers on Instagram. We know them and now know what they like to see.

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Our Instagram community is growing strong and fast and we can work for you to provide you the same.


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